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The Last Of The Aryans (Unified-Luciferianism)

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Flowing from the essence of the infernal, the infinite Satanic potential evolves. The elements of evil merge to be one with the universe. Evil strives for perfect truth, perfect vengeance, perfect harmony and achieve perfect power. Infernal creations are inherent in the eternal, the very eye of the primal cosmic storm, a Satanic super consciousness that bends, focuses and controls all diabolic exegensis. This infernal fire leaps up in us as a humanity. We are one with the dark spirit. Unified-Luciferianism (Mantras) 1. The purpose of Luciferianism is the black-magicians quest for his full potential, both spiritual and supernatural. 2. The greatest freedom is Luciferian liberation. Above all other mantras and desires. No price can be placed on freedom. 3. Satanic philosophy is set on the prescience of being ever death-defiant, ever on the ascent within a here-and-now consciousness. 4. Luciferianism - Limitless Power - Limitless Comprehension! Various definitions of Luciferianism exist. Many conceptualized Luciferian/Satanic practitioners get into army-of-one arguments that are needless and pointless. A one-upmanship amongst tirelessly debating Luciferians or Satanists is tired. What matters is, 'what works for you.' Many believe their version is the highest and best. And for you, it probably is. This arguing is not wholly folly, but essentially can be a waste of time. Luciferianism is a self-diefied worship and the seeking of the Satanist, (one who accepts what they truly are, 'evil),' to live forever in one form or another. To be the strongest Satanic super Aryan possible. Devoid of racial arguments, which are in themselves tedious and mundane. Racism plays no part amongst beings striving to kill each other for supremacy or to work together for a common Illuminati end. I present a Luciferianism that preserves itself through the ageless prism of self-omnipotence, devoid of false benevolence and unified in metaphysical constructs and honed psychic prowess, which is consistent with scientific thought. Luciferianism is focused and subtle, yet implicit in its march through the denizens of sheep that seek to destroy themselves, becoming sensory stimulus slaves. Mankind will breed itself out of existence, soon it will be an extinct roaming savage or docile species that falls into its own self-created oblivion. Luciferianism seeks to stem this tide and enlighten man to his/her true Satanic potential. Luciferianism seeks the ultimate perfection of the black-magic savant. Have no doubt, Luciferianism is a 'powerful evil,' far greater than the sheep imagine. Evil is as evil does. It ever seeks to purify itself, to make itself stronger, to purge itself of weakness, to ever perfect itself in the stratagem of deistic existence. Its onslaught is merciless. Luciferian-unification is real! There is no duality, just levels and hierarchies of vying demonic synergies, evils true potential, which is inexorable. Vengeance is redemptive. Nothing escapes the darkness, light is devoured like souls. Ave Satanas Winter Laake WinterLaake.com