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Happy Easter and Happy Pesach from all of us on this side of the various families we belong to. As with all holidays they have their moments, moments where we forget why we are celebrating, moments where the excitement and anticipation drives children to the edge of lunacy. Yup, it’s another holiday. The stovetop is broken, Harvey deposited a mess of plastic eggs all over the front yard, I can’t open a drawer in the kitchen or the refrigerator without finding an egg hidden in there. A friend was invited to join us for dinner, a vegetarian, I of course modified all of the recipes for dinner to eliminate the presence of meat and even found some cubed lawn clippings to fix for him as a meat substitute. And at the last minute, he begged off. No bacon in my greens, I will hunt him down for that. The bunny, aka Harvey did leave massive quantities of goodies for the brats, but no artificial grass, minimal candy and reusable baskets, as we have done for the last 30 plus years. There was a moment of confusion because the damn rabbit left biscuits suitable for Passover at our house. He was busy and, in a hurry, so I let it go. While we’re talking about ingredients, really marshmallows on sweet potatoes? Peeps, in various colors and styles, made months in advance, Is this Easter/Passover or a marshmallow holiday? If the Sta-Puft marshmallow man shows up for dinner, will he be offended? For most Judeo-Christians this is a major holiday so in keeping with tradition, I’m serving ham. The kids of course have lots of treats in their baskets, we have a plethora of colored boiled eggs, allegedly delivered by a perverted rabbit. And I’m confused. What is it that we’re celebrating? When that great stone was rolled aside and there was no corpse, was it replaced by vinyl grass and chocolate bunnies? Did the temporary inhabitant of that tomb leave behind a recipe for a green bean casserole? Does he is risen refer to the bread that is part of dinner? Without going in to Christian dogma and simply looking at the broader message, how does any of this celebrate the renewal of life. Easter represents renewal, it represents a promise of the future, it represents the continuation of life, it coincides with spring a time when all living things return to us to remind us of eternal life. He is risen indeed, and all that is around us is risen, and there is a grand and glorious future for all of us. That is the promise of Easter, a promise to share with your family along with those marshmallows and chocolates. It is within our hearts, not our recipes that we celebrate.