The Science of ISLAM and the MIRACLES of the QURAN


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1 Sahil Badruddin = " "There is still time to prevent the repetition here of that clash between the conservative and modernist elements in Muslim society. I know that the educated classes hope that with the general spread of instruction and learning amongst the people, there will be no need to work for a better understanding of dynamic Islam as it prevailed in the first century. But if a middle way is not found now, while there is time, there is almost a certainly that the day will come when the progressive elements faced with the dangers of being left far behind amongst the nations of the world, will clamour and demand a secular state, or decay. But now is the time to build up that free Islamic state mentality of toleration, mental and spiritual charity, forgiveness towards each other, on one side, and, what [the] Qur'an and the Tradition both insisted on, namely, that nature is the great daily book of God whose secrets must be found and used for the well being of humanity. Islam is essentially a natural religion, the miracles quoted in the Qur'an are the great phenomena surrounding us and we are often told that all these manifestations can be used and should be, with intelligence, for the service of man. Let us never forget that in the struggle for existence of the future only those will survive who control the forces of nature to the greatest extent." Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III's 1950 broadcast message on Radio Pakistan, 'Build up that free Islamic state mentality"(Karachi, Pakistan) "