The Truth Behind Uthman Quran: The Satanic Verses By Salman Rushdie & Al-Rassooli


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1 Sahil Badruddin = " “I have thought about [the Salman Rushdie issue] a lot; it saddens me. It’s a very sensitive issue, the Rushdie issue, (he said, citing it as proof of the) stunning lack of knowledge (in the west about Islam and its 1 billion followers)…. The law of blasphemy in England could have been looked at before the Rushdie book, and there may have been some way of dealing with the whole issue of what is blasphemy for any faith in the U.K…. That is a serious issue for them because the law of blasphemy applies only to the Church of England, not even to the Catholic Church. So they have a serious problem…. But, of course, once you have a book like the Rushdie book, any debate on the issue becomes impossible.”- Aga Khan IV, Toronto Star Interview (1st), Haroon Siddiqui (Toronto, Canada)"