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1 Cary W = "This video is a very good brief history of Zoroastrianism and I found it fascinating because this is the first I have learned about one of the humanities oldest religions."
2 Cary W = "I found their reverence and rituals to be inspiring of personal goodness, purity and devotion.  It made me want to learn and read more about this fascinating faith."
3 Cary W = "This educational video really helped me to see the Persians and Iranians in a whole new light."
4 Tracy Cassidy = "Behold I was in a very bad shape when I lost my boyfriend. We were supposed to get married and everything got cancelled which was my fault. He broke up with me because he was a good guy who I treated wrong and didn’t appreciate.Subsequently I became so depressed and ashamed of myself, I realized he was my life coach and all, I cannot live without him. I searched and found Dr. Wakina just like others did, “Doctor please help me out, bring him back to me since he already got a new girlfriend. Not only do I have a broken heart but I have a broken soul too. I don’t know if he wants to show off or take a revenge from me. Make me everything he desires.” The result was presented to me as asked. The man I carelessly lost was brought back. I’m sharing this post to the public because Dr.Wakina via his email……. wiped my secret tears and made us whole again. I’m now filled with tears of joy. All my mistakes have been forgiven and forgotten."