Thomas Merton: The Path to the Palace of Nowhere

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1 John Kuykendall = "I agree with what was expressed and the subtle suggestions to enter the inner reality. We seem to live mostly on the physical and mental realms and occasionally visit the spiritual realm; therefore, we don’t use our full potential using only a small part of our consciousness and spiritual resources that are available. We all have the free will to limit our happiness, resist change and stay in our closed environment or we can open up to the subtle energy surrounding us to improve our health and mental wellbeing. To unlock our potential and untapped resources, we can be encouraged to get to know our inner self in order to learn and grow, but the soul can’t be manipulated from the outside because it is the mind that manipulates and the mind that is manipulated while the soul just observes.  The extent of free will for the mind is to service the desires that are present mentally and physically, but the freedom of will in the soul chooses to see in the mind's eye useful ways to serve humanity without manipulation. When we function as an organic system our biological programming takes over our free will and we just react to desires, actions and consequences, but when we learn from our appetites, stimulations and pleasures, we are able to reinvent and redesign ourselves with awareness. Moving our consciousness from a lower to a higher level of reality, remakes our character and personality by setting ourselves free from discord and helping us to let go of what we are at odds with. It is like getting a good night’s sleep and being energetic and aware or the flip side of being dull and sluggish without the proper sleep; consequently, integrating the soul in our life brings mental clarity by expanding our consciousness. John Kuykendall's author page"