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Buddha Day – Visakha Puja Buddhist Visakha Puja celebrates the day the Buddha was born, and the day he reached his enlightenment some thirty-five years later, and the day of his death, some forty-five years after that. Buddhists believe that all three of these events took place on the day in May when the moon is full. Buddhists tend to observe the day by being generous, because of their gratitude for what the Buddha did, and perhaps also by listening to speeches about the Buddha. In contrast to many other celebrations, on this day Buddhists tend to dress much more simply than they might otherwise, and the cut down on the amount and kind of food they might eat. Offering flowers, and burning candles and incense to the Buddha is also common. *No official work restrictions, but provide food accommodation as requested, and offer vegetarian options when planning menus for events on this date.