What does the Resurrection of Jesus mean to you?

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1 Cary W = "The resurrection of any man is significant and vacant in all other religions.  The resurrection of Jesus is most profound, when you consider He told us that is His reason for being here...to die for our errors and guilt, bear our pending death and illness due to our sin, and not only give us a free pass to fellowship again with God, but also give us the hope of eternal life, yeah, even the redemption of our bodies.  Yes, the resurrection is a pretty big deal for us frail humans."
2 Cary W = "Jesus once said, "I Am come to bring you life, and that, more abundantly".  Our risen brother also declared, "All that the Father has given Me (fellowship with God, unlimited ability to teach, heal, give life, and resurrect), I give to YOU!  Life more abundant, than we can even imagine or fathom.  Such are the ways of a our profound and most gracious God!"