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What a great question and one I struggle with… Getting my mind and heart really wrapped around. I hope I can write a response without being too “rambling”. First I don’t believe in absolute Evil or Good for that matter. When I look at the natural world, there is not a good or evil tree or animal or rock or anything for that manner. Why would people or the God’s be any different? I do believe in ego (or self) and chaos. When in the animal kingdom a predator kills another and eats them, it is not because the predator is “evil” it is the natural order of things, the predator put “self” before the other animals want to live. And in those final moments of horror for that animal there was most certainly “chaos”. But even that was not evil. Devastating to the victim? Yes, but not evil. Good is the same way when a vulture finds the remains of that victim and is able to feed itself and perhaps it’s young… it is again not a good or evil thing it is just the cycle of life of nature. Why not the same with us and our Gods? Hitler is rightly considered the hallmark if you will of “evil” a bad man indeed. But really I think he could be said to be a man that put his ego and self above all others and by doing so brought chaos into the lives of millions. And really his ability to do that was much more influenced by mans ability to make more efficient ways to kill one another than him being “evil”. And what of the Gods, spirits and fae etc.? I still believe it is a lot more about ego and chaos than good and evil. The Gods are fed by our belief in them and we feed them in two ways by our worship and adoration (ego) or by our fear and loathing (chaos). And the Gods like everything else in nature are part of nature. And nature is the underworld, middleworld and upperworld together. Well that’s my thoughts anyhow… and a little more.