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Wicca - What it really is!

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The only true law of Wicca: And ye harm none; do what ye will. The Wiccan Reed: Bide the Wiccan law ye must in perfect love and perfect trust eight words the Wiccan reed fulfill and ye harm none do what ye will What ye send forth comes back to thee so ever mind the law of three follow this with mind and heart merry ye meet and merry ye part.

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1 Jeremiah Myer = " While unlike the Abrahamic faiths, while no consequences are spelled out for your actions, I take the Rede as a encouragement to take personal responsibility for my actions. Another text that promotes my efforts to “do good” comes from the Charge of the Goddess, “Keep pure your highest ideal, strive ever towards it” both texts are worth reflection. "
2 Helen P = "This passage does not mean that you can go around doing whatever you want with no consequences. It is saying that as long as what you are doing is founded in good, and that it causes no hurt to anyone, then the universal powers will not come back on you. "
3 Helen P = "Wiccans believe that all thought and actions you have goes out into the universal power, whether you intend for it to or not. If you send out good thoughts and action you receive good, but if you send bad thought or actions you will receive bad. The things that you send out will return to you threefold."