Wisdom is not a "thing" at all...

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Wisdom is not a "thing" at all...

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1 Kaleb Thomas Clare = "Wisdom, some say, is really not "a thing gained by thinking" - though being unthinking can quite often be a thing that symbolizes you have not yet found true wisdom.  So ... say many of those same people ... wisdom is not a thing at all that one can really "gain" because it is not a thing that has ever [or ever could be] lost. At most, if it be a thing at all, can merely be forgotten. How many times in your life have you made a decision that you came to fully realize was mistaken and said to yourself, "I knew better ..."? Or experienced something you "somehow knew ahead" but had no seeming evidence on how or even why you knew?  Is there anyone who has not had occasion to be almost shaken at his core by "an idea/insight" so pure and potent that his entire life-experience was somehow altered and aligned to something entirely newly fashioned? Wisdom, I think, which already lies within the very Core of Who We Are and therefore is really not lost or gained at all, has been shaped and crafted within the very structure of our minds. It comes from such a Deep Part that quite often we forget to even remember that It is there.  It is the ... A-ha Moment ... when our Genius rises up to greet us and we can't really help ourselves we just want to share it. It never, however, attempts to assert sovereignty over another's mind but mostly seeks to merely invite another into the joy You are experiencing from what You Yourself have found within You.  And finally ... Real Wisdom, I think, enjoins. Because all Wisdom is at all times already "deposited" within the deepest reaches of the All [and therefore a Part of each of us] it merely and quite naturally is a Part of what DOES bind us to one another. It ... Is ... Truth ... and all Truth is not only always True It is as much at all times ... True for everyone.  This being said ... I am yet myself quite humbled and yet glad too to admit ... I know very little Truth ... but shall attempt each day to remember often to go Within to remember It ...  "Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself." Khalil Gibran"