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Satanic philosophy does not elicit for approaches of leaps of faith, miracles or prophets. It manifests within the death defiant and fatalistic. However, it manifests the mundane into the supernatural and makes life worth living or killing, depending on your perspective. Luciferianism does not seek the fealty of the starry-eyed who are prepared to charge up the battlefield on a nod or whim from their local politician or guru. Luciferianism is permeated by the transcendent. Luciferianism and Satanism are the same, Satanism being the acceptance of inherent evil in all things, not the worship of, but the interconnection with, a oneness with darkness, which flows through the universe. Thus Luciferically charged and interchangeable as a term in most of my writings or doctrines. Satanism is a source-confidence that supersedes most ideologies that look exterior from themselves, not of, but is! It exists within, not without. In Lucifer, there is no separation. There is only one. We are one in the dark- spirit, not worshipped, but formed, not apart, but interweaved. Satanism accepts that we are the universal evil, all encompassing, self-worshipping the devil within, us! As Luciferianism is an un-wavering order of chaos in motion, Satanists cross the threshold of Hecate, beyond pain and death and achieve Luciferian transcendence. Satanic intervention will bring evil to fall upon the heretics and deniers and those that gaze with false aptitude, espousing innuendo and enslaving the weak for false profit and material gain. This will be done with Satanic psychic insinuation. Through vengeance comes redemption and from redemption comes renewal. Satanism cuts this path and makes one whole again in a world that cuts you to pieces. The significance of Satanic philosophy is a primal and an instinctual thrust of the universe. Mankind is not fallen, it is ascended, it is a living fire, a living evil, a Satan incarnate, meant to go forth into the universe and conquer it. It is imperative that the Satanist worships no gods before thyself, a few definitions of Satanism are necessary. 1\.  Atheistic-Satanism is self-worship that kneels to no entity outside yourself and     accepts no supernatural entities or the existence thereto, or the worship of. 2\. Theistic-Satanism is the worship of thyself and the acceptance of other lesser or greater Satanic entities throughout the universe. 3\. Luciferianism - (by my philosophical definition) is a unified darkness in all things, both within and without, interior (soul) and exterior (universal). This takes into account self-worship and the acceptance of other entities as well as the acceptance of innate nature of evil in all things and the power that can be garnered through the mutual flow of darkness in the universe. Break the crutches of false faith and false conditioning and place no other God's before thyself! Ave Satanas Winter Laake WinterLaake.com