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Crying Is Not the Release of Pain

It is often said that crying is cathartic.  But is it really?  Crying or uncontrolled screaming is not a release of pain, it is an expression of pain.  It feeds the feeling of victimization, the poor me syndrome.  It is an expression of emotion, not a release of pain.  And an expression of emotion only strengthens the emotion.  So its impact is actually quite the contrary to a release.

Whereas when you undertake the exercise I described in my post on trauma where you put yourself in a position where your legs shake and you open up your throat chakra and the pain rises up and expresses itself, that is a controlled action.   The screams that emit from your threat are not the screams of emotion.  These are screams of realization of the suffering that we experienced,  It is an expression of the pain from outside, not from the middle of it.  This is therapeutic and allows the pain, the trauma, to heal.

Bottom line, do not give in to crying or screaming.  That just weakens you further and debilitates you.  Instead stop.  Be in touch with the positive energy in your heart.  See things through your heart, not your ego-mind.  Through the positive energy and joy of your unwounded, pre-trauma heart, the neutrality of your senses, the equanimity of your third eye, free of worries and concerns, full of faith.  Yes, you suffered, but that trauma is past and it is not in your best interest to allow the ego-mind to relive that trauma.

“Ah, but,”  you say, “this trauma has been repeated throughout my life and will continue.  It never ends.”  But we do not know the future.  It is indeed unknowable.  The only reality is the present moment, all else is thought, conjecture.  So why go there except in a masochistic way to weaken oneself, to prove to oneself that one is not worthwhile?  That is what our ego-mind tells us, this is one of our false core beliefs.  Stop.

“Ah, but,” you respond, “it’s important to be realistic.  To face the facts.”  That is indeed true.  But while what happened in the past is a fact.  Conjecture about the future is never a fact.  It’s just a trap.  Free yourself from your ego-mind’s trap.

Do not seek solace in crying.  Seek strength in connecting with the positive energy in your heart.

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