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A personal view of Dogen Zenji

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Dear Shawn, please forgive my lack of response. I was not ignoring you. Last September I struggled through a serious illness (today is my anniversary day of entering hospital). As I have recuperated, I have struggled with memory. It is much better now. My apologies, once again, for the delay. Dogen. Where do I start? When I lived in Japan I became very interested in Buddhism. I was young and in the military. At that time, I was very interested in Kendo and Iaido. I was reading various texts on Bushido and Zen was prominently mentioned. I was redeployed and Zen was quiescent in my mind. Years later, after a painful spiritual struggle I came across the Shobogenzo Zuimonki in a library near Annapolis, Maryland. I was transfixed! Dogen's phenomenology of the person as a time-being already in place, or being enlightened, moving through stillness in practice-enlightenment, offered a particular dignity that I had not experienced in my spiritual journey. That practice-realization was a fluid movement of the Buddhadharma in a personal history exposed on the meditation mat and then carried with open hands into the world: I had found a sense of place. Dogen, for me, will always be that teacher who opened "place" for me so that all became practice. Does this make sense, Shawn? It this what you were looking for in your question? Thank you for asking. Be well. Be with peace. Kevin (Katsugen Kensho)

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1 Justin Halloran = "A portrait of Dogen Zenji."
2 Cary W = "When we begin with the premise that the Buddha is our true Self and Nature, then we can relax into the trust that accompanies that acknowledgment.  We can move through the "stillness in practice-enlightenment".  Revelation is simply remembering what has always been and always will be true!"
3 Shawn Bose = "Thank you so much for sharing Sir - it is a wonderful response - I am not well versed in Dogen Zenji and will for sure explore the concept of 'place' as fundamental to practice.I am glad to hear that you have recuperated from your illness, I wih you the best of health.Shawn"
4 David Zuniga PhD MDIV MA = "Thanks Kevin/Katsugen Kensho for this personal view of Dogen. Your brief summary of Dogen describes very well Dogen and Zen. I am a Zen/Son priest too. I was ordained in South Korea. Glad you're a part of Deily. With metta, David/Daeil Sunim"