Ami on the Street: Do we really need the 1st Amendment?

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1 Heinz Weverink = "This is incredible and very frightening.  People actually decrying the very article that allows them the freedom to express their opinion without risking execution.  To me the 1st Ammendment is probably one of the biggest factors that sets the U.S. apart from the rest of the world.  But there are some other things to be learned from this clip.Just because your parents can afford to send you to Yale doesn't mean you should attend.But the biggest issue I see is the failure of our education system (K-12) to even teach the concepts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or even the structure of our government.  The absolute failure to teach the history and its impact on our society.  This is very evident when you look at how often the Constitution is misquoted, almost as much as the Bible."