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Austin Interfaith Panel: What Is Your Religious Tradition?

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On May 27, 2015, Grace Baptist Church of Round Rock, Texas hosted an interfaith panel with local clergy members from Roman Catholic, Baha’i, Reform Jewish, Unitarian Universalist, Lutheran, Baptist/United Church of Christ, & Zen Buddhist traditions. Reverends Aurelia Pratt and Kyle Tubbs of Grace Baptist moderated the discussion, which took place at Round Rock Public Library. This clip has each member of the panel describing the central tenants of their religious framework, with some discussing their congregation and personal spiritual journey. 00:07-00:53 Father Uche Andeh of St. William Catholic Church explains Roman Catholicism 00:19 Explore the Christian Doctrine of the Holy Trinity 00:57-01:32 Fred Avedon of the Bahai Faith of Round Rock explains Baha’i 1:08 Read the Baha’i Kitab-i-Aqdas 01:36-02:21 Rabbi Amy Cohen of Temple Beth Shalom explains Reform Judaism 01:53 Discover the Halakah 02:26-03:46 Reverend Chuck Freeman of Free Souls Church explains Unitarian Universalism 02:57 Read the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism 03:31 Explore these chapters of the Bible: Isaiah 61, Luke 4 03:50-05:28 Pastor Alex Raabe of Table of Mercy explains Lutheranism & queer theology 04:14 Watch this video on the Five Reformation solas 05:31-07:11 Reverend Mary Wilson of Christ of the Savior explains Baptist & United Church of Christ 06:05 Read 1 Peter 2:9 to learn about the “Priest of Believers” 07:18-08:42 Reverend Doctor David Zuniga explains Zen Buddhism 07:51 Discover The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism