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Baha'i Q and A: How can Baha'is be optimistic about the future of the planet?

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Q: Baha'is seem pretty optimistic about the fate of the planet. Isn't this a bit naive? A: Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'is Faith, assures us that our future is indeed bright. Once Humans realize their unity and interconnectedness, they will begin to work together to solve the problems that currently plague us. The values needed to construct a more just and sustainable world--moderation, justice, love, reason and sacrifice--are often dismissed as naive. Yet these values must be harnessed to overcome the traits of ego, greed, apathy and violence, which are driving patterns of unsustainable production and consumption. Read more: http://publicaffairs.bahai.us/what-we-do/sustainable-development/