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Could Mary have given informed consent?

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1 Michelle King = "I’ve wondered about this myself. Obviously, it’s a made up story, borrowed from other myths, but if we put that aside for the moment, it seems that god would be a child molester. "
2 Kevin Bruce = "Mathew thank you for your comment it seems you missed the question  we know a god deal about how the  body and brain mature we have laws regarding informed consent and while a god would not need to follow our laws most Christians assert that our morality comes from god, thus it seems fair to ask if informed consent was given and was it able to be is possible to be asked to consent to receive some honor while lacking the capacity to actually concent"
3 Matthew Woolery = "A larger issue of semantics comes in to play here as with many translated events. Was she a virgin or a young woman the term would be synonymous in her time with both our definitions. Asking her to bear this weight would be an honor that we could only associate as to a child of our age being asked if they would be the spokesperson to one of our systems be it government or religion. This was a task that was the stuff of folklore in her time an anticipated event, the bringing to her people a new and true King."
4 Misty Bowman = "The immaculate conception is one of the hardest tests of faith for one to accept. It defies the laws of nature absolutely.  Mentally, one can either accept immaculate conception on the basis of faith or one can attempt to explain it. I theorize that Mary may have been raped by soldiers passing through and Mary concealed it out of shame. I don't have a biblical passage to back this up, it's just a theory.  I also believe it is possible that if God created all things, including the laws of nature, then God could also defy the laws of nature and gave Mary the genetic material to create life without breaking her hymen. Anything is possible, but somethings require a bit more faith. "