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Religion influences everything, so what people believe effects society as well as individuals. Unhealthy religion = unhealthy society. How one views their own religious scriptures (Bible, Quran, etc.) determines how healthy one's religion is. To take a religious book like the Bible or the Quran and view it as "God's holy word" is extremely dangerous, because, like any historical religious book, the Bible and the Quran contain both truth and error. If one believes God will torture people in hell, then one will more likely accept torture in society. If one believes God told Joshua or Mohammed to slaughter every man, woman and child in Jericho or unbelievers in Arabia, then one will more readily accept the indiscriminate carpet bombing or suicide bombing of "enemy" nations. Part of the problem is people's desire for simple answers to complex problems. It would be nice to have a "book from God" containing simple answers to all life's questions, or a gifted leader who could give us those same simple answers. But life doesn't work that way. Adolph Hitler was once called, "The great simplifier of problems," and later "the terrible simplifier." There are many such men in history. Nobody wants to accept it, but life is complicated. And religion is, too. That's why simplistic views of religion and religious scriptures are so dangerous to any society.