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dear islam and prophet mohammed and quran family accept my letter and become like you were previously was

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Dear islam prophets and quran family, I am not of any religion and I am not dead so please stop declaring I am muslim or of quran family, I prayed for you but still don't believe in holy book quran or prophet mohammed or allah I don't believe in any gods other then my god who calls me his father. If you ever want to return to my prayers please help me by making my life good and make me rich and give me happiness but don't declare you have given me anything and give the same to my jinn and soul and spirits family and let me enter into spiritual world i am human and I have not entered spiritual world until now. I doubt that quran jinns or allah jinns are not letting me feel anything or taste anything who are like animals please keep me away from those who are not my jinns. I am not asking you for anything but asking to help me for good cause in return which will give prayers to someone from my heart. I have not sinned and never sinned in my life if you believe I have sinned check from your knowledge who sinned truly by researching and punish original sinners but not punish me because original sinners keep there sins and cases on me. I am not muslim or shia or sunni because I don't believe in islam myth which I believe is lie to me. I apologize for any misunderstanding that occurred between us. I hope you will have great time with your family members where you have same believe with your family members. Please note I am not shia or sunni or muslim or i don't follow islam beliefs. Ahmed.