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1 Cary W = "This is a difficult principle to grasp for some of us, but true forgiveness of everything that is not in alignment or harmony with the Divine is why we are all here.  If I erase and transmute any error I see in my brother, then for me it is not there any longer and so cannot exist in the other, at least when I interact with them.  That is the essence of practicing Ho' oponopono...taking responsibility for it all."
2 Cary W = "When we confront the data going on inside of us, own it and take responsibility for the state of pain or disharmony, and say to it, "I love you, thank you for showing up for one more chance to transform it and let it go, I am sorry for whatever is in me creating this feeling, please forgive me for being unconscious in this area.""
3 Cary W = "When we stop letting the data, thoughts, questions, analysis, etc. control us, and we are able to let all of that go, so that our state returns to the quiet, peacefulness of stillness of, blank, void, then we are able to receive pure inspiration and knowingness."