Drs Hurtak The Keys of Enoch Anniversary 2015 Part 1

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1 Cary W = "The first Key:  We live in a many and one universe that is open-ended, which is the foundation for an open ended mind, and thus an open ended universal image.  So, the first key, asks us to be open or heavenly minded, so that the mysteries of God and creation can come to us in revelation and true understanding of His laws and principals."
2 Cary W = "We are not evolved from the Earth, but from a mathematical code of  light, and that by understanding this eternal, cosmic code, we can transform, heal and create any aspect of physical life.  The new science is emerging!"
3 Cary W = "We are constantly being rained upon by God all His marvelous rays of love, light, joy and peace.  Only our current state of consciousness blocks or distorts this continual outpouring of heavenly light.  As we open up to heaven, looking only to our Source, The Father, then we can receive the graceful bounty of His pleasure in His Sons."