Eboo Patel: "Religious Pluralism in a Democracy" Tides Momentum 2008 (2 of 2)

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1 Shawn Bose = ""Eboo’s core belief is that religion is a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division. He’s inspired to build this bridge by his faith as a Muslim, his Indian heritage, and his American citizenship. He has spoken about this vision at places like the TED conference, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, as well as college and university campuses across the country. He has written two books about interfaith cooperation, Acts of Faith and Sacred Ground. Some people ask if Eboo ever stops talking about interfaith. If it’s any indication, his five-year-old son can define interfaith cooperation."Learn more about Eboo Patel and The Interfaith Youth Core here on their web site"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "Although satyagrah got the most attention when gandhi started practicing it - it had been practiced since before colonization. However, this movement gathered real resistance against colonizers around the early 1900s in Bengal."
3 Michael McKissick = " view full sizeRabbi Heschel, second from right, participating in the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama on March 21, 1965."
4 Shawn Bose = "Boy Breaking Glass by Gwendolyn BrooksWhose broken window is a cry of art(success, that winks awareas elegance, as a treasonable faith)is raw: is sonic: is old-eyed première.Our beautiful flaw and terrible ornament.Our barbarous and metal little man.‘I shall create! If not a note, a hole.If not an overture, a desecration.’Full of pepper and lightand Salt and night and cargoes.‘Don’t go down the plankif you see there’s no extension.Each to his grief, each tohis loneliness and fidgety revenge.Nobody knew where I was and now I am no longer there.’The only sanity is a cup of tea.The music is in minors."
5 Shawn Bose = "A Ritual to Read to Each Other by William Stafford"