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1 Cary W = "Open our hearts, ears and eyes Lord, even deeper to the precious things of Your heart and Spirit, so we may show forth Thy infinite, unending, unprecedented glory!"
2 Cary W = "We listen first for ourselves, that we may know Him and His intimacy with us as individuals, one on one with God, and then for others, our family, friends, community, nation and world.  His work and our ministry or calling always begins in the intimate, quiet, tender places we find with God."
3 Cary W = "When the Spirit descends in our alone times, we will be given exactly what we need to proceed for that moment and place in time...never too much or too little.  Just the right thing at the right time.  We must really learn to trust, that even His silence is His answer at times....just wait on me...He is saying to us.  Waste some time with me son!"
4 Cary W = "When we first experience the joy of just hanging out with God, no distractions or petitions, just easy, quiet fellowship, amazing things happen.  Before you know it you have wasted hours with God, and a most powerful wasting indeed.....being filled with His knowledge and presence."