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How I celebrate Samhain Samhain marks the end of the year and the beginning of the new year for witches and pagans. It is also the day when the veil is at the thinnest making it easier to reach the other side so many pagans usually honor their ancestors during this time. Some of the ways to celebrate this festivity include making a dumb supper, using oracles and casting divination, spirit communication, and getting rid of the old and creating the vision for the new. A dumb supper is a dinner where the guests honor the ancestors, people remain in silence and a plate is set for then ancestors so they are present during that dinner. People tend to prepare the dishes that were their ancestors favorites so the ancestors feel welcome during the event. People also place pictures of the deceased and they may tell their ancestors stories before the dinner begins. Oracles and divination are included in the activities one can perform during Samhain as we connect with the spirit realm and we are more open to receive messages. These messages can help us decide what the visions for the following year may be, what are the things we need to work on or that we should focus on to bring to manifestation. Spirit communication is also popular during Samhain and many witches and pagan contact the other side by the use of meditation or trance during ritual activities. I was honored to participate in a ritual last weekend where some Priests and Priestesses were aspecting different Gods and Goddesses bringing their message to all the participants. This was a very powerful experience and the messages were very timely for the moment I am going through. As I mentioned before, Samhain marks the Witches New Year so one activity that I like doing is creating a ritual to let go of all those things that don´t serve me anymore, say my proper goodbyes to those situations and people that have fulfilled their purpose in my life and create space for the new. I also like creating a vision board that contains the pictures of what I want to bring into reality the following year. It is important that when we clear away spaces both physically and energetically, that we also set up the intention with what we want to see manifest in those spaces to prevent the space being filled with something we may not want in our lives. There are many other ways to celebrate this holy day but these are the ones I have regularly do during this season. Don´t hesitate in writing to me if you should have any questions. May this season be blessed with abundance, joy and good health! Love and Light, Carolina Amor

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1 Carolina Amor = "These ideas are not limited to my spiritual path. I do believe that some relationships have an expiration date because they come to our life to teach us a lesson and then they move away after the lesson is complete. For example, a divorce is a situation where a relationship ends and the people may not see each other anymore. Also if we look at nature, we can see that the tree loses its leaves during the winter and grows new ones during the spring but if it did not lose the leaves, it may not be able to grow new leaves. If we want to bring new experiences in our lives sometimes we have to make space for this as we live in a very busy world filled with overload of information and work so you may need to release something to bring something in that you want more. I hope this explains your question. Blessings!"