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1 Sarah Mangum = "The Jewish holiday of Passover (Pesach) commemorates the ancient Israelites' freedom from bondage in Egypt.   "
2 David Zuniga PhD MDIV MA = "I've had the pleasure of being in spiritual dialogue with Pastor Tom before. He was kind enough to have me and other clergy from different religions out to his church in 2010. If you get a chance, please check out this link on Pastor Tom's church website. Tom called this series of dialogues “Neighboring Faiths” interviews and he had leaders from Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Zen Buddhism (me). Tom, it's always a pleasure my friend."
3 Sarah Mangum = "God gives the Israelites Ten Commandments to follow in Exodus 20."
4 Sarah Mangum = "Genesis is the first book in the Jewish Tanakh and the Christian Bible."
5 Cary W = "I wish they could simply get to the point that the purpose of Christ's coming the first time was simply to save and redeem humanity from the ungodliness, unholiness, hate and discord that previously dominated all beings.  He succeeded; yet only those who receive and believe on Him as God's Son and Deliverer shall be able to behold the grace given us all, and enter into fellowship again with God the Father."
6 Sarah Mangum = "The Pali Canon is Theravada Buddhism's oldest text."
7 Cary W = "We are all, each one of us, His representatives on the Earth, each being made in His Image and for His divine purposes.  Could it be that all of our discord and suffering is a result of forgetfulness of our divine calling.  And that calling is so intimate, so individualized, that no one religion can answer that question, but only the inner man and spirit within each one of us?"
8 Cary W = "It seems that many people from most religions struggle with how to practice their devotion in a fallen and oft corrupt world.  This suggests that the world is at odds with Love, which pure reason would deny, for if the world were at odds with herself (God), she would cease to exist.  We must therefore set aside all prejudice and opinion, and simply live, engage, and participate with the faith and awareness, where ever we go, God is there."