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Neighboring Faiths at Hillcrest Baptist Church

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In April and May, 2010, my friend Pastor Tom Goodman was kind enough to host me and other religious leaders in his church, Hillcrest Baptist Church, in Austin, Texas. This series of interviews was called "Neighboring Faiths" and Tom and his church congregants were certainly good neighbors. I was very moved by Pastor Tom's sincere interest in learning about other traditions. Other guests included: Rabbi Neil Blumofe of Congregation Agudas Achim, Imam Islam Mossaad of the North Austin Muslim Community Center, Hindu priest Girish Chaitanya of the Chinmaya Mission of Austin, and myself representing Taego Zen/Son Buddhism. You can find free web videos of this series here: http://hillcrestaustin.org/neighboringfaiths. Please let Tom and I know what you think! Peace, David