Should Public Schools Teach Religious Studies?

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1 Michael McKissick = "Deily recently interviewed Linda K. Wertheimer, author of "Faith Ed.: Teaching About Religion in an Age of Intolerance." When asked whether or not public schools were an appropriate place to learn about religions, she responded:"Yes, I most definitely believe public schools are the right place for children to learn about the world’s religions. While some houses of worship provide instruction about different religions, not all do. Also, nearly a quarter of Americans now do not affiliate with any religion so the idea that houses of worship could take on this role is faulty. Religion is a part of society and history. It’s critical that children learn about different religions to understand their community, their state, the world and history. How can you learn about the history of the Middle East without understanding something about the religions in those countries? How can you understand the importance of a Pope's statements on abortion and other issues if you know nothing about Catholicism? It’s hard to teach literature without students knowing something about different religions or the Bible as well. We haven’t talked about this, but having some biblical literacy helps, too. We need more rather than less education about religion in the public schools."You can read the entire interview here. "