The God Debate 2011 (William Lane Craig- Sam Harris)


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1 Cary W = "Nature is not neutral morally....take a look at how any animal treats its mate and offspring.  Many actually excel some humans in their level of compassion and devotion of service."
2 Cary W = "Human well being and morality are inextricably linked, for what one does to another, he receives that effect within himself.  Ultimately everyones happiness depends everyone learning how not to contribute unloving attitudes and actions in their own life.  We do effect the world, each one of us; one relationship at a time."
3 Cary W = "Whether we believe in a benevolent deity or not, the entire universe is a reflection of His pure morality and His immutable laws. When we align with that universal morality and law, we find harmony and peace in our being and lives.  When we go against the universal laws, we suffer, if for no other reason than the compassionate universe is warning us to stop fighting universal love and intelligence."