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Everyone needs to quickly understand the truth about our world. Please share this information to as many people as possible. Our world was largely controlled and influenced by dark forces. These groups of entities have been known to be called by many names such as the Elite, the Powers That Be, the Dark Ones, the Dark Cabals, or the Illuminati. There are several groups of organizations and secret societies working covertly together to bring about world domination. This is done by creating a world government that will ultimately work to eliminate individual rights and eventually enslave humanity. This world governance is also known as the New World Order. The dark forces work in a hierarchical system that is similar to a pyramidal structure where the few at the top control the many at the bottom. Access to the agenda, secret knowledge and information are in accordance to the hierarchical top down basis. The structure of the pyramid system is made up of cells of more pyramids that also run in a similar hierarchical fashion. The pyramid symbol of the dark forces can be seen at the back of the Federal Reserve note and this note have been illegally used to represent the American dollar bill. At the top of the pyramid are a small group of individuals. They owned or have influence over certain corporations and through the system of corporate ownership they control almost every aspect of our society. Scientific evidence shows that from 37 million companies and investors worldwide, 43,060 transnational corporations (TNCs) share ownerships linking them. Among these TNCs is a core of 1,318 companies with interlocking ownerships. Further analysis found a "super-entity" of 147 even more tightly knit companies, all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity and most of them were financial institutions. Money is their most essential tool to facilitate control. Therefore, they rely very much on the banking system to control the finances of the world. The world domination agenda to totally enslave humanity by the Dark Ones is causing an ever tightening control on every major aspect of our society. However, the drastic increase in global human population during the past several decades has made this task difficult. In order to solve the problem, they have incorporated an agenda to depopulate the earth into their overall plan. They intend to eliminate billions of individuals. For a long time, the Dark Ones have been working on their world domination and depopulation agenda. Their plan to centralize power and their acts of crimes against humanity are insidiously incorporated into our daily lives without getting much of our attention. This can be seen in various aspects of our society and therefore our ways of living are in a manner molded by the hands of the dark forces. Here is an example of the different areas with links provided to further expound on the influence and control in which the dark forces have on our reality: Health Food & Drinks Education Media Law Global Warming With wealth and power, the Dark Ones possess the means of creating or controlling organizations to employ workers to further their agenda. Many workers are kept in the dark or are deceived to the true purpose and nature of their work. These organizations are part of the black operations or black projects that we have come to know and they are often operating under the guise of national security or such. Advances in technology are also part of the dark force agenda and many black projects and operations are established for such purposes. The world domination agenda is more than just for money and control. It is a part of their higher objectives that involve matters pertaining to extraterrestrials and space. It is no surprise that the cold and cruel Dark Ones will abuse the use of technology to further their interests. This includes the research on biological weapons to be used on the human population as part of their depopulation agenda. The Dark Ones created a plan to divide the world into several regions in order to facilitate control. They wished to ideally place all nations under their influence by forming various regional bodies in the name of trade that will answer to the world government. They have successfully formed the European Union, the African Union and the Union of South American Nations. They are moving forward to form the North American Union and the Asia-Pacific Union etc. A regional body governing the economic interdependence of nations essentially means that the sovereignty of a nation is in the hands of the governing body. This is so because the current model of the economic system that most nations adopted relies largely on trade with other nations and not based on a model that is self-sufficient. A coordinated attempt to set up a world government began when Adam Weishaupt created the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society on the 1st of May 1776 by recruiting wealthy and influential individuals. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was the one who drew the plan of the Illuminati and which he had given Adam Weishaupt the task and support for its creation. Here is the important part. Shortly after the Illuminati was created, Adam Weishaupt worked with various powers of the banking and royal families to establish a program which led to the commissioning of Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto and Karl Ritter to write a program for Fascism. These left-right political and economic systems are also known as communism and capitalism respectively. The origin of the idea was incorporated from Hegel's philosophy, a school of thought developed by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel whereby a concept or idea known as the thesis is created and that it would be met by an opposing force the antithesis. The struggle between the two will result in a synthesis. The Dark Ones wished to create two paths, two types of political and economic systems for entities to follow so that they can more easily be manipulated. The two sides will be set against each other in conflicts by creating numerous wars. Being tired of wars, entities will desire for an end to the conflicts and therefore promote and surrender to the idea of a world government. The creation of the League of Nations after World War I and the United Nations after World War II is an example of this. Other than being used to create wars, the Hegelian Principle is also being applied in other areas of activities to achieve the desired outcome by the Dark Ones. With the establishment of the two main systems that serve to govern our society and to replace monarchy, the dark forces too exist to be the ultimate manipulators of each of the two systems. Essentially, the Dark Ones can be identified by two main factions. The Rothchild/Zionist/Bolshevik/Communist/Socialist faction and the Rockefeller/Nazi/Vatican/Fascist/Capitalist faction. These two factions, mainly the Rothschild and the Rockefeller groups may appear to be in conflict, but are actually competitors working to achieve a common objective of world domination. In truth, the Rockefeller group is no match for the Rothschild group in terms of wealth and power. Many organizations whether they are meant to be a secret organization or not have been revealed to work for the dark forces. Here are the prominent ones. They are the Illuminati, the Committee of 300, the Jesuit Order, Knights of Malta, Freemasonry, Skulls and Bones and the Round Table network which consist of the United Nations, the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. There are other groups as well. The S.A.A.L.M. group, which stands for the Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk, is a group which is known to involve negative extraterrestrial forces. The Dark Ones exert their influence on the world from three independent city states. They are the Vatican City, the City of London and the District of Columbia. These places have their own sovereignty with their own flags and are not subject to the jurisdiction of the country in which they are located. These three states together are known as the "Empire of the City". The Dark Ones also operate from many of the deep underground bases in which they have constructed. The United States Secret Government Milton William Cooper, also known as Bill Cooper, is the author of Behold a Pale Horse (1991). In 1989, he released a document titled The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity and Purpose of MJ-12 which served to inform the public on the super top secret activities that went on behind the scene in the United States after World War II. Mentioned in the document were the United States government's First Contact with extraterrestrials (negative) and also its contact with another group of extraterrestrials (positive) that warned them of this group. Much of the information in the document can be validated with other independent sources and some false information identified were those that pertains to the prophecy and what the negative aliens said. Research Various authors had written books to specifically expose the workings of the dark forces. Here are some recommended authors: William Guy Carr had worked for the Canadian intelligence service and had been a Canadian naval officer. He wrote a few books and was known for Pawns in the Game (1954). He was killed for his work. Carroll Quigley was a professor at Georgetown University who had taught Bill Clinton. He revealed much information on the conspiracies in his book Tragedy and Hope (1966). Anthony Sutton, an economist, historian and writer. Eustace Mullins, a writer. Jim Marrs, an author, formerly a newspaper journalist. David Icke, a writer and public speaker. He is one of the most important writers dedicated to expose the dark forces. His work is different from many other conspiracy writers in the sense that he is able to expose the more secretive nature of the dark forces by revealing its link with the negative extraterrestrial factor. Even more notably, he is able to encompass higher spiritual truth, supported by scientific findings into his work. A book that includes a unique compilation of many years of his work is the David Icke Guide to Global Conspiracy (2007). Ascension We are moving into a time of change that is unprecedented in our history. The earth and humanity is going through a process called "Ascension" where our reality will be transformed into a Utopia. Rejoice for heaven is coming to earth. Our 3rd dimensional reality will ascend to a 5th dimensional reality and humanity will become fully conscious. Being fully conscious means that there will be an upgrade to our awareness and the way we perceive our reality. There will be major changes to our government and the way our society works. The old paradigm and the old money system which is based on control by the dark forces will be replaced by a new system where mankind will experience true freedom, abundance and joy. There will be an official disclosure on extraterrestrials as well as our brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth and First Contact will occur. Around this period of time, we will be using technologies that were being suppressed by the Dark Ones as well as other more advanced technologies. We will be using free energy devices and other lighted technologies that are based on the use of our consciousness. Devices generally known as replicators can manifest any kinds of food that we desire. Transportation will also become less of a problem as there will be new transports of various types that will cater to our needs. Teleportation devices can also teleport us to any places instantly. Interestingly, we will also be using our own version of flying saucers on a large scale. As our earth continue to bask more and more in the heavenly energies, beautiful light pillars and auroras will appear everywhere in the sky. Cloud cities too will appear. If you do not quite believe what is stated here, check out the Awakening Course section. Everyone needs to quickly understand the truth about our world and the changes that we are going through. Please share this information to as many people as possible. Here is a highly recommended video. end-line Share this page: What's This? Facebook Twitter Enjoy this page? Please share it! Here's how... Truth Revealed Overview Financial Deception Money Depopulation Health Food & Drinks Education Media Law Global Warming Black Operations Technology Biological Warfare Wars Power Elites The Awakening Course Spiritual Awakening Scientific Development 2012 Prophecy Human Body Limits Human Mind Potential New Age Spirituality Psychic Abilities Remote Viewing Aliens Dark Forces New World Order Forces of Light Galactic Federation Age of Aquarius Revelation of God Questions and Answers Recommended Links Higher Knowledge Hollow Earth Reality 1 Vibration Reality 2 Illusion Synchronicity XML RSS Google RSS button My Yahoo! 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