UNapologetic episode 4 - What About Homosexuality?

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1 keith jeffries = "The content of this video does little more than re state the generally accepted belief, based on Judeo Christian teaching, that homosexuality is a sin. As is to be expected there is immediate recourse to scripture and in particular Paul´s letters. But what of revelation and the personal relationship formed between God and the individual? We accept that scripture is divinely inspired but not the verbatim the word of God, unless spoken by Christ. A person´s sexuality is innate not learned or brought about by any form of coercion or outside influence. Paul is a complex character as he is a Jew, a Pharisee, a Roman Citizen and hetrosexual which rather narrows his sense of subjectivity. However, he does announce with great eloquence that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God. A journalist once asked Mother Theresa what she thought of homosexuals to which she replied that homosexuality was a word that she did not like and preferred to use the words, ¨friends of Jesus ¨. I do not believe that gay people are condemned by God, nor their expression of love. Through prayer and contemplation we can allow ourselves to be directed by God´s most Holy Spirit into what is the truth and this can often transcend the  spiritual arrogance concerning anyone who is in any way different to ourselves. Should we adhere strictly to scripture and in particular the Book of Leviticus then our diets would be seriously curtailed even to the point of being denied a prawn cocktail. Keith Jeffries"