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People have a hard time understanding what "GOD" truly is, and so they feel the need to "HUMANIZE" to make a connection. Christianity is a perfect example of this. God is seen as a deity, a "him", a being. There are many religions in the world that see God differently, and no single religion is right or wrong as long as it fulfills your soul. But, what if God is not a being, but a thing? Let me try to explain. That feeling inside that a mother gets when she looks into the eyes of her sleepy child, that gentle touch you feel from your grandparents pat, the sound of a puppies playful growl, the taste of Thanksgiving diner with your family, or something as simple as the smile you get from the smell of your favorite thing. The first spring flower, the last summer rose. A snow covered lane in winter and a silent summer field. In fact, all things nature or man made, have that spark of God in them. So does each of us. You know that tender, heartfelt, bring-you-to-your-knees, total feeling of love that only last a few precious seconds? That feeling that we don't experience often enough, yet we know it when we do? THAT IS GOD! God is something that is in us all, and we all have the ability to be Godly.