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What is sacred space?

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1 Raymond Huerta = "David Chidester and Edward Linenthal describe the production of sacred space as ritualization, reinterpretation, and the negotiation of legitimate ownership of the sacred. By ritualization, a space is a location for formalized, repeatable symbolic performances. The ritual site is set apart from an “ordinary” environment to provide a space for “extraordinary” patterns of action. Ritualization is then, a particular type of embodied, spatial practice. "
2 Christian Guild = "A sacred place to me is not the place itself, but the understanding that God is with us. For instance, there was a shopping mall in Grand Rapids that was converted to the church - Rob Bell's if anyone cares. So what changed? The realization that God was there. The building changed somewhat, but from what I've heard is that it still looks like a mall. A sacred place doesn't exist, only the sacred mindset."