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What religion do you practice?

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In response to the question "What religion do you practice?", I am currently on a journey. For years, my spiritual life has been informed by Soto Zen Buddhism. My background as a Caucasian, male, of West European roots, has family ties to both Roman Catholicism as practiced in the South of Ireland and Reform Judaism (quite a combination!). As of late, I find myself in a journey with Daoism; specifically, Quanzhen Daoism. The movement, for me, was a simple one: Soto Zen has it's foundational roots in Caodong Chan (Silent Illumination school of Chinese Buddhist meditation), Caodong had influenced Quanzhen; Quanzhen holds the Dao, Chan, and Confucian influences as a source of awareness in practice. As of yet, I do not have a community. A community would connect my head, my heart-mind, and hands in a service of practice. So, I meditate and gently look for a teacher; in patience, I open my heart to the Dao. I will write more as this walk with the Way continues. Be well. Be with peace.

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1 Cary W = "A community of spiritually like minded people, such as a church or order is usually beneficial for connection and opportunity to serve and be encouraged.  It may also be that you are already in a community of believers, your current friends, associates and family.  The "Church" you are looking for may already be in your midst."
2 Shawn Bose = "Reverend - this is at the heart of one of our missions here on Deily. How do we find teachers who can help us on our way?  Where will these voices come from? Where do we look?  When we grow up we are often put in great positions to learn from the traditions that surround us, or are chosen for us.  As you state - the religion of our parents and grandparents, the schools we attend, etc.My journey was similar, having been informed by the Hinduism of my parents, the Buddhism of the country they grew up in (Myanmar), and the my own experience being a born American and attending a school based in Episcopalian philosophies and traditions.  However, as we move through our journey it seems that we need to take an active part in seeking those teachers that can help us continue on a path that is right for us.  It is our hope that the community at Deily will help in this 'gentle seeking', and provide a venue for us to find one another in ways that were not possible before - using the tools available digitally to mitigate location, time, and perhaps even our natural predilection to avoid that which we perceive as too 'other' to attempt to explore.  Thank you for this wonderful contribution and I look forward to adding your voice to my own Way."