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Divine Appointment: A Highway Rest Stop

I received phone call from a person who has taken my Fear Free Evangelism course.

You can read an approximate transcript of the conversation of their divine appointment at a highway rest stop, shared with approval from the person involved. 

The person wishes to remain anonymous.

Phone call

Can I tell you what happened to me?

As you have taught, I’ve been asking God to give me the opportunities to notice people.

I was at highway rest stop, walking back to my car, when I noticed a young man. 

I smiled at him, said hello, and kept going.

However, I experienced that nudging of the Holy Spirit that there was some work that needed to happen.

I tried to shake it off those remaining steps to my car, but that burden got heavier and heavier.

A picnic table by the lake, suggesting where this conversation took place.

I remembered what you had said in the Philip and Ethiopian story, about God drawing your attention to someone

This seemed to be the case here. 

I just had to go back and speak with him.

I returned to the man, and started a casual conversation.  We started talking.

As I listened, I felt like the Lord gave me some words to share with this young man.

I shared with him what I thought the Lord was telling me.

After a few minutes, I calmly and confidently asked the man if he had ever invited Christ into his life?

“No, but I want to,” was his reply.

I got to help him start following Christ that day.  It was so easy.  It wasn’t even hard. 

It’s like you say: “Evangelism is easy when you are cooperating with the Holy Spirit.”

Thanks for sharing with me.  Your teaching has really empowered me to notice who God is bringing into my path.

Where did she learn this?

This person learned what I shared in a course that would help me have more spiritual conversations than I could count with people who were desperately curious about my faith in Jesus.

She learned that personal evangelism could happen in the daily routine of my life, and not just another to-do chore to schedule in an appointment book.

The Fear Free Evangelism Course

Don’t you wish that just thinking about doing evangelism didn’t raise the hair on the back of your neck?

Can you overcome that paralyzing fear that keeps you from joyfully sharing what God has done for you?

Does evangelism feel like a dreaded chore that you find easy to avoid, but feel guilty for avoiding it?

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