OnFaith's community members add religious content to the site directly. A big part of our mission is to collect, organize, and make accessible the world's religious content. To that end, we scour the internet for relevant, publicly available content. We invite you to join our community members in tending our garden. Please flag content items that do not follow OnFaith's guidelines for appropriateness and praise content that you appreciate and think others will love.
We are committed to transparency about both the sources of our content and who adds, transcribes, or explains that content. Any member of OnFaith is invited to add content. If you see content that is inconsistent with the site’s guidelines, please flag that particular piece of content for our review.
OnFaith requires contributors to join and sign in before adding content. We want you to participate and we want others to understand who contributed what content.
You can add text documents, audio or video files. We hope members will add everything from scholarly papers to videos of sermons and everything in between (hymns, mantras, commentary, etc.).
It would be great if you could add the content to the site once you become a member. But if you can't, for some reason, please let us know your recommendation via email at feedback@onfaith.co.
Let us rejoice! We ask you to share your understanding when you explain. Of course, it may be different than someone else’s. By recognizing that we all have the same questions and that how we answer them is deeply personal, we hope that will be understand one another a little better.
OnFaith is a free site for individuals. We are brand new and have so much more to build. We hope to support that growth primarily through individual direct donations to OnFaith and secondarily through the fees organizations pay for OnFaith’s services.
OnFaith has its headquarters in Austin, TX.
Please send us your feedback at feedback@onfaith.co

Enlightenment score

Your Enlightenment score is a reflection of your total engagement on OnFaith.
The more engagement, the better your score! Your Enlightenment score goes up when you write an explanation, when you complete your profile, when someone praises your explanation, when you give a donation to an organization (when you moderate someone else’s work), etc.
At this time, we do not allow you to hide your Enlightenment score.