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Greeley 2

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1 James Oppenheimer = "This is a kind of a reflection on what some refer to as the hound of Heaven -- the Spirit that continues to hunt us down, leaving in reverse those spiritual bread crumbs that may eventually lead us back to Her.And in this case, the hound has finally succeeded.It's a grand story, _The _Cardinal_Sins_ , by Andrew Greeley. (Sorry, Sarah, not the God Game at all, at all!) is a superb writer who is also passionately in love with his Roman Catholic Church. He's a much needed witness for the good that it does. Even if he tells the unvarnished truth all the time, which drives the true believers crazy, of course!"
2 Sara Di Diego = "This is from the sci-fi novel, God Game by Rev. Andrew M. Greeley.  It asks the question if you could actually play God, or know how he feels, through a video game."