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Taking Care of Yourself The Days Before the Election

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For now, I urge you to take good care of yourselves and each other this week. Be extra kind. Turn the news, the tv, or the computer off for a few minutes. Promise yourself you’ll only look at 538 polls once, ok twice a day. Make plans to go vote with a friend or loved one. Proudly wear your “I voted button” and splurge on the PTA bake sale. If you have a yoga practice, a meditation practice, a bubble bath practice, whatever keeps you centered, do it this week. Be with others on Tuesday night. Reach out to others on Wednesday for a discussion, not of the results, but of how we are doing together. On Tuesday, if it relaxes you, bake a cake, cookies, or a pie. Pray. Not just for your candidate but for America coming together. Remind yourselves that regardless of the outcome, we will be okay. All will be well. I take solace in the fact that there have been other difficult elections, other elections defined by hatred, other times that have scared progressives about the very soul of our country. And so far, at least our aspirations as a country have come through: out of many one. Indivisible. And regardless of who wins, we know that we are still called to work for a world with liberty and justice for all. So may be it.