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THE EVERLASTING ARMS 8/20/2015 0 Comments THE EVERLASTING ARMS The people of our times are making more and more of us mindful of the need for help that is outside and beyond ourselves. Perhaps when you are out there groping...reaching... Perhaps these lines by W. Maurice King would render solace to your soul... "Isn't it good to know When all roads are dead ends and All skies are overcast and All dreams are nightmares and All hills are mountains... Isn't it good to know When all faith has oozed out And there is no place to stand "That underneath are The Everlasting Arms." 0 Comments TO RACE AGAIN 8/20/2015 0 Comments TO RACE AGAIN Running I swiftly go Toward the finish line Turning around I see my nearest competitor But alas, I fail to see The pebble in my way Twisting my ankle I go down Rapidly, I rebound But it is too late The race is over My time is spent I must wait Until another day To race again 0 Comments PSALM 75:1,7,9 8/20/2015 0 Comments PSALM 75:1,7,9 Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare God is the judge He putteth down one and setteth up another I will declare forever I will sing praises to the God of Jacob 0 Comments LORD OF MY LIFE 8/13/2015 0 Comments LORD OF MY LIFE Oh how my heart longs for Jesus To fill up my life with his love Oh how I long to be with him Cradled in his arms of love. Come to my heart, Holy Spirit Come to my heart like a dove Come bring peace to my soul Come from thy throne above. Father I long for your presence Father I long for your care Give me your power to witness Give me your power to share. Oh how my heart longs for Jesus Come fill the void in my life Now as i'm searching and seeking Come be the Lord of my life. 0 Comments PSALM 74:12,17,19 8/13/2015 0 Comments PSALM 74:12,17,19 God is my king of old working salvation in the midst of the earth Thou hast set all the boarders of the earth Thou hast made summer and winter O deliver not the turtledove unto the multitude of the wicked Forget not the congregation of thy poor forever 0 Comments COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS 8/13/2015 0 Comments COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS Occasionally, in Sunday School, we sing an old hymn containing these words... "Count you blessings Name then one by one Count your many blessings See what God had done..." An unnamed wit has written... "Count your blessings...your critics will keep count of you mistakes." It is virtually impossible to live an active, progressive life without being criticized by somebody at some point in time. If criticism is presently discouraging and defeating you, get aquainted with the Conqueror of criticism. And, learn well the lesson He taught... For as He hung on the cross he prayed... "Father forgive them..."