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Hope + Help for People Who Struggle with Overeating

In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, host Christine Chappell interviews biblical counselor Shannon McCoy about her LifeLife mini-book, Help! I’m a Slave to Food. Some of the questions addressed in this conversation are:

• Is overeating simply a diet problem or a symptom of a deeper, more life-dominating issue?
• Why does today’s church culture seem to be relatively silent on the issue of overeating?
• Overeating: is it a diet problem, a food addiction, or something else?
• How does the gospel of Jesus Christ help those who struggle to overcome temptations to overeat?
• What does God’s glory have to do with our eating habits?

Click the embeded player below to listen to the interview, or visit the original post and access show notes at IBCD.org.

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