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To be a monk is to not be an escapist. You'll be a parent to many, no child or wife. You'll be in conversation, God's voice is in the silence. You'll have a community, hermits listen to the heavenly hosts sing! You'll deal with temptations, holier than thou thrives in the tundra. To be a monk, you'll still sit. Still eat. Still work. Still sleep.

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1 John Kuykendall = "I like your poem because I lived as a monk and you nailed it. I am married now and my two children are grown so I am fortunate to be able to live as a married man and a monk. My wife is very supportive of my meditations and the stillness. We seem to live mostly on the physical and mental realms and occasionally visit the spiritual realm; therefore, we don’t use our full potential using only a small part of our consciousness and spiritual resources that are available. We all have the free will to limit our happiness, resist change and stay in our closed environment or we can open up to the subtle energy surrounding us to improve our health and mental well being. To unlock our potential and untapped resources, we can be encouraged to get to know our inner self in order to learn and grow, but the soul can’t be manipulated from the outside because it is the mind that manipulates and the mind that is manipulated while the soul just observes. Finding the divinity within is the true reality because it is in Eternity, does not change, is always with us and does not interfere. Identifying with the mind and body is the escape. Thanks again John Kuykendall           John Kuykendall's author page"