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S. Cosmas Canon For Christmas Day, Ode III., Hymns Of The Eastern Church

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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884] Canon for Christmas Day by S. Cosmas τῷ πρὸ τῶν αιώνων. Him, of the Father's very Essence,   Begotten, ere the world began, And, in the latter time, of Mary,   Without a human sire, made Man        Unto Him, this glorious morn,          Be the strain outpoured!        Thou That liftest up our horn,          Holy art Thou, Lord! The earthly Adam, erewhile quickened   By the blest breath of God on high, Now made the victim of corruption,   By woman's guile betray’d to die,        He, deceived by woman's part,          Supplication pour’d;        Thou Who in my nature art,          Holy art Thou, Lord! Thou, Jesus Christ, wast consubstantial   With this our perishable clay, And, by assuming earthly nature,   Exaltedst it to heavenly day.        Thou, That wast as mortal born,          Being God ador’d,        Thou That liftest up our horn,          Holy art Thou, Lord! Rejoice, O Bethlehem, the city   Whence Judah's monarchs had their birth; Where He that sitteth on the Cherubs,   The King of Israel, came on earth:        Manifested this blest morn,          As of old time never,        He hath lifted up our horn,          He shall reign for ever!

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