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Ideas for Evangelism Strategies

Your church can be used by God to lead people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t happen by accident, though.

It takes a mix of personal evangelism, personal church invitations, excellent church hospitality practices, and excellent proclamation of the Word of God.

It takes prayer, persistence, and perseverance.

Plan your Evangelism Strategies

Easter might be around the corner on the church calendar.

Or all of your Christmas planning.

Those are two big seasons of the year where you will likely receive more church visitors than normal.

Maybe you slip in an invitation to receive Christ as part of the sermon. Maybe you give special focus on explaining the gospel.

But effective evangelism strategies start long before those big days.

It takes advance planning to build out a complete culture of evangelism in your church members, and in your church calendar.

A vibrant culture of personal evangelism would mean your church members are actively sharing their faith in Christ with people in their circles of influence.

A vibrant culture of welcome and hospitality can help people who are not yet Christian experience your church and find a place to get questions answered in their journey to following Christ.

Start small, and work on it regularly.

Evangelism Strategies

Church Evangelism Strategies

  • Send your church leaders to an evangelism training seminar.
  • Host an Evangelism Training Seminar.
  • Find an evangelism program like the Alpha course and implement it.
  • Conduct a church hospitality assessment
  • Seek ways to improve the welcoming of visitors.
  • Set a goal for the number of professions of faith, conversions, or baptisms (whatever statistic is an important measure of growth for your church or denomination).
  • Host a regional Evangelism training event.
  • Set your outreach events that are intentionally geared towards your target audience.
  • Host “Invite a friend” Sundays.
  • Develop your holiday sermon series (Easter, Christmas, Mother’s day, etc)?
  • Develop an Evangelism Coaching Group in your church to nurture the passionate.  (See Evangelism Training in the Local Church)
  • Start a sermon series after your big events – give reason for guests to return and keep returning.
  • Develop your plan to help new people connect with your church
  • Preach every weekend knowing there is someone attending who is not a believer.
  • Organize a Virtual Evangelism Training Seminar.
  • Encourage regular community service on 4th Saturday or 3rd Saturday.
  • Encourage people to be salt / light as they go, praying for people without being obnoxious.

Personal Evangelism Strategies

  • Read a book on personal evangelism (see our Evangelism Books Page for some ideas).
  • Participate in a group like the one described in Evangelism Training in the Local Church
  • Pray daily for those who do not know Christ.
  • Look for the daily opportunities to have a conversation about your faith.
  • Think through your witnessing conversations and consider what you might have done differently.
  • Journal your evangelism conversations to reflect and learn.
  • Learn a default setting — a basic evangelism gospel script.
  • Instead of counting conversions, count the number of conversations you have.
  • Review your day to see if you missed an opportunity to share your faith.
  • Spend time “doing life” with people apart from the church.  Quit doing Bible Studies all the time. (See: 10 Ideas to Reach Out To Your Neighborhood)
  • Build genuine relationships with your neighbors.

Virtual Team Training

Pastors, welcome ministry leaders, church greeter/usher teams, evangelism team leaders, small group leaders, Executive pastors have all found what they were seeking through virtual seminars by EvangelismCoach, Chris Walker.

Through experiencing those a-ha moments when you focus on what you can do as soon as tomorrow, you will find that the creativity and passion for hospitality or personal evangelism will blossom.

You’ll find the confidence to lead, a team that’s inspired, and some simple action steps you can implement right away.

In our 2 hour time together, you’ll have breakout moments to talk in small groups, presentation of key ideas from Chris, and light bulb moments for action. You’ll dream of what is possible.

Each virtual seminar will give you more specifics of its content. As long as you have an internet connection, you can do this.

Se ofrecen las clases virtuales en Español tambien.

What is your church evangelism strategy?
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