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Brahadeeswarar Temple

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = ""One of the longest-ruling dynasties (850 CE-1250 CE) in Southern India, the Chola dynasty built the temples over a period of nearly 200 years. The Chola temple architecture reflects the glory, prosperity and stability under the Chola emperors.Staunch devotees of Lord Shiva, the Cholas temples were dedicated to their favourite god in the Hindu pantheon."Source:"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "Thanjavur Website"
3 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The Peruvudaiyar Kovil is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva that is located in the city of Thanjavur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is an important example of Tamil architecture achieved during the Chola dynasty. WikipediaAddress: Membalam Road, Balaganapathy Nagar, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, IndiaOpened: 1010Architectural style: Dravidian architectureHeight: 217' (66 m)Hours: Open today · 6:00 am – 12:30 pm,4:00 – 8:30 pmPhone+91 4362 274 476Function: Hindu templeArchitectRaja Raja Chola I"Source:"