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Orthodox Christian Chapel

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1 Vladimir Vandalov = "A tabernacle, also known as an artophorion, is a container on the altar table of an Orthodox Christian Church specifically used to reserve the Eucharist, the presence of Jesus Christ."
2 Vladimir Vandalov = "In the Orthodox Church the Gospel Book (Greek: Εύαγγέλιον, Evangélion) is a central liturgical item. It is considered to be an icon of Christ, and is venerated in the same manner as an icon. The Gospel Book rests on the center of the altar table, as the Cross of Christ was planted in the center of the earth."
3 Vladimir Vandalov = "The Hand Cross, also Blessing Cross, is used in the Orthodox Church by a priest or bishop to give a blessing or benediction. The hand cross is kept on the Holy Table in the Altar and used at certain moments during the liturgy, most noticeably when the clergy holds it in the right hand to give the final blessing at the dismissal of the Divine Liturgy. In many traditions, usually Slavic, after the dismissal of the Divine Liturgy all of the faithful come forward to kiss the cross."