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1 Sara Di Diego = "This monastery is "grounded in the Orthodox-Catholic Byzantine Rite tradition, located in the Village of Oxford, about 50 miles north of Detroit, Michigan."Work Cited:"
2 Sara Di Diego = "This monastery strives to:"To sacramentally worship in the fullness of joy and truth according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ;To encourage and inspire one another to lead a life of Christian belief;To manifest and teach by both word and deed God’s inclusive and unconditional love and acceptance;To offer vigilant contemplative prayer for the suffering world and care for others in love;To daily remember in prayer the special intentions of our affiliates and benefactors;To observe a daily liturgical schedule according to the traditions of the Christian East; and,To celebrate and share the Divine Mysteries (Sacraments) of the Church."Work Cited:"
3 Sara Di Diego = "This is another view of the monastery.Source:"