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Dalai Lama

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1 David Zuniga PhD MDIV MA = "Hi Friend! Thanks for this post. It is very moving. I have heard His Holiness speak and I am always moved by his teachings. Reading this post which is interfaith made me reflect upon our similarities and differences. From a Buddhist perspective some of the things we have in common is we all age, we all get sick, and we all eventually die. We all have difficulty in our lives and want to be free of that difficulty. We all have the possibility to transform our pain. Buddhism also teaches that we are interconnected, so as His Holiness says "deep down there is no difference." But this idea of 'sameness' in Buddhism is based on the doctrine of interdependence i.e. no-self. Not all religions share this idea of interdependence and no-self. So your thoughtful post leads me to reflect on what is it that makes us similar or different? Thanks so much for sharing!"
2 Ben N = "The differences between us only exist in the mind (thought, belief, etc). In reality, there is no difference. Deep down, we are all one consciousness, one being, one Self (or no-self, ha ha!)."
3 Shri ram P = "nice lines"
4 Rylee Frazier = "Love this quote!"
5 Enakshi Ganguly = "Currently reading a book titled, "What the Body Remembers" by Shauna Singh Baldwin and I was reminded of the similarities between religions whose followers have committed violence against one another -- but, I was reminded of the other side of that coin too. In South Asia, religions, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism, Jainism, helped one another grow. Each religion created literature, poetry, music, love, marriages, families, neighborhoods, communities with one another. That is how vibrant we can be if we let go of the Ego and indulge in the Oneness of our differences. "