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Defeating Lanka Lakshmi

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1 Sara Di Diego = "Hanuman came to Lanka in order to free Sita from captivity on Rama's orders.  When Sita is afraid to come with him, Hanuman starts destroying monuments and palaces in Lanka.  When Hanuman gets captured, he tells Ravana of Rama's orders.  Rama will forgive Ramavan is he honourably returns Sita.  However Ravana decides to execute Hanuman instead.  This leads Hanuman to burn down huge parts of Lanka.Work Cited:"
2 Sara Di Diego = "Lanka Lakshmi was the guardian of the city, Lanka.  When she demanded an answer to what Hanuman wanted in the city, while blocking his way, Hanuman simply punched her in the chest.  Her quick defeat was meant to foreshadow that the city's leader, Ravana, would lose power soon.Work"
3 Sara Di Diego = "Hanuman is a monkey deity who was the central character in the epic, Ramayana.  In some works he is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.Work Cited:"