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Gilt Copper & Rock Crystal Ganapati

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = " view full size view full size"Nepal/Tibet, 19th centuryheight: 30cm, width: 20.5cm, 1.874kgThis extraordinary image of Ganapati (the Buddhist name for Ganesh; Tsog Dak is the Tibetan name) is fashioned from a single, large piece of rock crystal with gilded copper mounts with applied stones."Source:[Note: Ganpati is a term Hindus as well - not necessarily a Buddhistization of the word, so to speak.]"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = ""In Nepal, the Hindu form of Ganesha, known as Heramba, is popular; he has five heads and rides a lion.[203] Tibetan representations of Ganesha show ambivalent views of him.[204] A Tibetan rendering of Ganapati is tshogs bdag.[205] In one Tibetan form, he is shown being trodden under foot by Mahākāla,(Shiva) a popular Tibetan deity.[206] Other depictions show him as the Destroyer of Obstacles, and sometimes dancing.[207] Ganesha appears in China and Japan in forms that show distinct regional character. Innorthern China, the earliest known stone statue of Ganesha carries an inscription dated to 531.[208] In Japan, where Ganesha is known as Kangiten, the Ganesha cult was first mentioned in 806.[209]"Source:"
3 Enakshi Ganguly = "In some, not all, depictions of Ganpati, his left tusk is broken, as a sign that Buddhi (which is the left tusk) should be less than Shraddha (which is the right tusk)."