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Ismail lion calligram

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Arabic calligraphy is considered one of the most important forms of Islamic artistic expression. Patterns based on Qur'anic texts are often displayed in mosques, tombs, and palaces, as well as in homes, on walls, furniture, tapestries and ornaments, and in secular manuscripts throughout the Muslim world...Calligraphy is highly valued for its strong association with the Qur'an and also because it enables free artistic expression without needing to produce images of sentient beings, a practice which many Muslims believe is discouraged."The Qur'an: An Introduction by Abdullah Saeed "
2 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The Nizari Imamate follows a genealogy of male Imams originating withMuhammad by his daughter Fatimah and cousin Ali and then through their sonHussein and his descendants up to the present day. Each ordained successor Imam of this lineage is charged with serving the Nizari Ismailis of his era who pay the zakat (tithe) dues to him as the designated Nizari Imam by giving them in return religious and spiritual guidance and also striving for their physical well-being to the best of his ability.With respect to their spiritual nature, the Imams are considered incarnations of the divine word as well as conduits between God and the Ummah. Based on this belief, the Nizari Ismaili concept of Imamate differs from that of theTwelver's concept in that the Nizari Imams possess the authority to interpret the Quran according to the times and change or even abrogate any aspect of "The Way/The Path" (Sharia) of Islam."Source:"